Meet The Team

Stefania Roberto

Stefania RobertsFounder and owner of ‘Polercise Tenerife’

Has lived on the Island of Tenerife for over 20 years and although been into the dance and fitness industry since teenage years has been teaching Polercise Pole fitness for the last 6years, and is Now expanding to other Islands and Locations in the Canaries.

‘Being healthy and keeping fit is so important these days, but I wanted to be able to help people to do this whilst having fun, in a comfortable and non judgemental environment. Polercise has helped me achieve this for hundreds of girls here so far, and I hope to keep doing so into the future. It is my love and Passion.’

She has also performed at many events and was Crowned Miss Pole Dance Tenerife in 2006.

Favourite Spin – Flying cat
Favourite Invert – Single Leg hold

Colette Barton

Colette BartonWith a strong background in Fitness and activities such as Windsurfing and mountain biking Colette, originally from Manchester, has been on the Island for 15 years and been with us for the last 4 of those.

She wanted an exercise that gave you a full body workout and challenges she could excel to and found Polercise was the way forward!

‘Not matter what level you are there are always more challenges to work to. Ive met so many friends through polercise, Not only in Tenerife, but also all over the world. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, no matter what physical condition  your in.’

Favourite Spin – Superstar
Favourite Invert/Hold – Handspring Splits

Kerry Railton

Kerry RailtonHaving lived on the island for 11 years now, Kerry was first introduced to Polercise 4 years ago by a fellow work collegue.

‘Like I'm sure many of you are thinking, I thought that Polercise was only for young, fit, thin people, and being over weight at the time following a back injury from my childhood, I wasnt sure if I would be able to participate let alone fit in.

With my confidence being low I managed to plucked up the courage to try a Polercise class. After several classes I discovered that my weight wasn’t an issue, and neither was my back injury. all I needed was perseverance and hard work, my confidence grew as I learned more and decided to join in with the regular classes, meeting other people who had felt exactly the same as me’.

With 4 years experience under her belt, she decided to put her hard work to good use and teach others the things that have given her a new lease of life, both physically, and mentally. She wanted to share the benefits that polercise had given her so she studied and passed her Polercise instructor course. Now she is here for you, to help and encourage you all the the way in this rich, diverse form of excercise and get as much pleasure from polercise as she has over the years.

Favourite Spin – Pretzle
Favourite Invert – Aysha

Michelle Birks

Michelle BirksMother of 15 year old George, Michelle has been training with us for the last 3 years after seeing an ad in the local paper. She qualified as a Polercise Instructor at the beginning of this Year (2011) at the age of 45.

‘As I hadn’t had any regular exercise since my son was born, on my first pole class I struggled to even make it through the warm up, but instead of being made to feel like a fool everybody was really friendly and encouraging and I had a great time. In time my strength and confidence grew and I haven’t looked back since!’

Michelle is set to open another Branch of ‘Polercise dance & fitness studio’ in Los Gigantes by the the end of the year.

Favourite Spin – Boomerang to flying cat
Favourite Invert/Hold – Marley

Sarah Martin

Sarah MartinThe newest addition to the Polercise Teaching team, yet no less capable.

Originally from North Wales, Sarah has been attending Polercise classes in Tenerife for over a year now, and just recently passed her Polercise instructor qualification and can't wait to put it to good use! She has a background in gymnastics & general fitness and always ready to find new ways to tackle those tricky moves.

‘I love Polercise as it gives you a full body workout, really tones your muscles and leaves you feeling energized and ready to take on anything!’

Favourite spin – Spinner
Favourite invert – Scorpion

Yurena Zamora y Marta Cabrera Arrate –  Polercise Tenerife (Norte & S/C)

Yurena ZamoraMarta Cabrera ArrateInstructoras desde 2012. Instructors since 2012.

Con mucho dedicacion y talento. Estas chicas forman un parte imprecindible de nuestro equipo Tenerife.

With much talent and dedication these girls form a crucial part of our north team.

Vuelta favorito/Fav Spin – Pretzle
Invertido favourito/Fav invert – Shouldermount

Denise Kremer – Polercise Gran Canaria

Denise KremerPolercise Instructor since 2011.

With a strong sports and martial arts background Denise who speaks 3 languages fluently, (German, Spanish & English) found her passion on the Pole and founded our sister studio in the south of our neighbouring Island, Gran Canaria.

Favourite spin – Twist
Favourite invert – Butterfly

Emma Walker – Polercise Dubai

Emma WalkerPolercise Instructor since 2007.

Started in Tenerife and after travelling the world and completing ‘Circus school’ Has now settled in the United Emirates and set up our sister studio and a Successful and elite Events agency.

Favourite spin – Boomerang
Favourite invert – Superman

Tracey Eccelstone – Polercise WA (West Australia)

Tracey EccelstonePolercise Instructor since 2009.

Originally from South Africa, After leaving our little Island moved to Bunbury in Australia where she has devoted much time and energy into promoting pole. She has now published her own series of Pole books, ‘Pole 101’ with ‘Aerial hoop’ and ‘Aerial silks’ to follow soon.

Favourite spin – Goddess
Favourite invert – Reverse elbow grip