Polercise FAQ

What do I have to wear to do a Polercise class?

The main thing is to be comfortable, so any gym top or T-shirt is fine, however as we need to use the grip of our skin for moves gym shorts are recommended. Don’t worry about footwear as we are mostly barefoot. (but trainers can also sometimes be used) And please note – NO Lotions or oils on your skin before class!

Is it very hard?

It's as hard or easy as you want it to be. ;) You start of with some basic spins and moves that everyone can do, and then progress at your own level until you reach more challenging and impressive moves. Then the options are endless!

What age range are your classes?

We have a full and varied range of ages in our classes, from 14 to 60. But so long as your able to do exercise you’re more than welcome.

Do I have to be fit and flexible to do the class?

No… the idea is to gain flexibility and overall fitness over time whilst participating in the classes, but there is no need to be flexible to start with. We have all sizes and fitness levels in our classes.

I have a previous bone/ligament injury, can I still do the class?

The quick answer is yes, so long as your doctor says you can start doing some exercise and that you realize your limits. In fact, in some cases we recommend it for injuries as it helps strengthen the muscles around bones and joints.

What does a typical class consist of?

All our classes start with a warm up and some pre-stretching, then follow with the main pole section, and finish with a MSE section (abs and back work) and some more stretching for flexibility.

Can I just turn up or do I need to book?

If you are new to our studio, it's ou are best to call and let us know you are coming so we are prepared and to check there are no changes to class times. After that our classes are all open, so you can come when you like.

How do I find out more?

Call – 0034-673257089
Email – stefi_101@hotmail.com or pop into any of our studios.